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Doreen Boyer DeBoth utilizes Artsphere’s studio space to create commissioned portraits, architectural renderings, landscapes and watercolors. She has taught art and art history classes and presently conducts classes in all levels of painting and drawing. As docent for five years and artist-in-residence for three years at Frank Lloyd Wright’s GRAYCLIFF Estate in Derby, NY, she has produced a body of ten paintings that historically preserve the architect’s original vision.

Doreen is chairperson of the BLACK ROCK HISTORICAL SOCIETY, the award-winning BLACK ROCK HISTORIC PHOTO PROJECT, and is a board member of the GRANT AMHERST BUSINESS ASSOCIATION and the BLACK ROCK RIVERSIDE ALLIANCE. She was coordinator and muralist of the Black Rock Heritage Mural at Amherst and Tonawanda Streets, and as an exhibiting artist, she is a member of the Buffalo Society of Artists, the Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society, and the Niagara Plein Air Painters.

Many of her articles have been published in the Riverside Review and other local papers both online and in print. In 2013 she published TEN YEARS IN HISTORIC BLACK ROCK, a book celebrating and documenting Artsphere Studio & Gallery’s first ten years.

Most recently she published “A CLOSER LOOK AT THE GUARANTY BUILDING – Louis H. Sullivan’s Masterpiece.” Both books are available on this website.

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